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Carson Lewis

Obituary of Carson Michael Lewis

Obituary On January 28, 2021, after a long and valiant battle, Carson Michael Lewis went to be with God. He is the beloved son of Michael Joseph Lewis and Donna Cathleen Tamaris (nee Carson); devoted brother of Taylor Morgan Lewis and Emma Cathleen Lewis; and the loving husband of Jennifer Hodous Yeago Lewis. Carson is the adored stepson of George Eleftherios Tamaris and Abigail Elizabeth Lewis. His Nanna, Mary Ceccio, will cherish and carry him in her heart forever, as will his grandparents, Theresa and Dwayne Edwards. Carson will be deeply missed by his stepsibling, Tay Tamaris who encouraged him and enhanced his life. Carson will be remembered and held close by his aunts, uncles, and cousins: Kathleen and Frank Garcia (Alex and Elizabeth); Samuel and Karen Ceccio (Krista, Jena, Justin, Christian); Donald and Lisa Ceccio (Allison); John and Noelle Carson (Bethany, Jack, Joseph); and Daryl and Barbara Carson (Dylan). Carson shared a close relationship with his great uncle Larry Davis that he will forever honor. Carson will be cherished by so many others, including family members, stepfamily, friends, and those that followed his journey, prayed for him and cheered for him from a distance. He will also be missed by his osteo-family and caregivers who shared this journey in a way no one else can – they are “in it”. Carson was preceded in death by his grandfathers, John Carson Sr. and Samuel Ceccio Sr. Carson was simply - perfection. When he was a toddler, his father and I (his mother) would introduce him as our 40 year-old child. He came out of the womb speaking, engineering, and calculating. Carson understood life in a way only a few could. He balked at authority and believed everyone deserved equal respect. Although he could be challenging, it was always done for a just purpose. He paved a way for so many of us and changed us all for the better. He loved people despite their limitations – but would still call those limitations out and encourage growth. Carson had so much spirit, zest, and love. His empathy was like no other. I once sang the song, “Yesterday” by the Beatles to him and he cried (he was three). He said, “mama, please do not ever sing that song again – it is so sad.” He is wonderfully creative and unique. Carson was an artist. Like many artists, he had intense emotions, thoughts, and feelings. He poured those things into his artwork, expressed them through social media, and through his editing and film making. He enjoyed his online time by meeting, creating, sharing, gaming, and bonding with people all over the world. Like many his age, he was born wired for technology. He was online at the age of one. Yes one! Fisher Price games but later he advanced and at the age of 14 he had his own business creating, filming, and editing promotional pieces for gaming personalities. Travel and the love of food was a passion of Carson’s. He was able to experience Italy with Jenny (his love) his art friends/family. There he experienced the culture and art through guided tours (and I have no doubt, a few “detours” off grid). Most recently, he was able to go to Greece with his stepdad, George, and myself. Greece changed Carson and restored his trust in mankind and strengthened his faith in God. It gave him new perspective as he was able to enjoy the beauty of Chios. Because George was born in Greece and has much family and history there, Carson was able to experience Greece in an authentic way. He quickly became “one” with the locals (many his family now). Carson was magical in this way. He had such charisma that once you met him, you loved him. He enjoyed the local cuisine, the beaches, the land, and the people – but mostly, the people. He shared that they changed his life. He explained that he wished everyone was like those he met in Chios because the world would be a better place. What Carson may know now is that he changed those that he met in Greece as well - and for the better. Finally, Carson was able to enjoy a road trip with his father and Jenny. Vegas was something Carson wanted to see. And he wanted that trip to be with his father. He didn’t see Vegas in the way that comes to mind, initially. He wanted to see Vegas for its grit, its dazzle, and of course for its food. During that trip he was able to drive not one – but two - race cars, see the Grand Canyon, and most of all - spend quality time with his father and the love of his life, Jenny. Carson adored Jenny. From day one at North Harford High School, he knew she was “the one”. They were seldom separated and very much in love. They were able to be married on November 22, 2020. They were pure, whole, and extraordinary. It is a union that we will always admire. Carson was able to experience all these opportunities - in large part - because of your support. The prayers you sent, the encouragement, and of course the GoFundMe. Carson struggled with the GoFundMe at first. It became clear we were not going to be able to use it for trips as first intended because of the condition of his lungs he was no longer able to “fly”. He struggled with the decision of gifting the money to a foundation, using it for more practical reasons, or splurging on himself. I am most proud to say that he decided on the latter and I think you all would approve. He blew through the money like a Rockstar. He used it for unique Pokemon cards that he longed for as a child, video games that kept his mind busy (so it didn’t fall in dark places), photography and computer equipment (that was previously beyond his reach), and for art supplies that allowed him to paint and draw with media that inspired him. We are not materialistic people – but we truly believe this kept Carson living - and living large - and for that we appreciate every cent given and will pay it forward for the rest of our lives. So thank you from the bottom of our hearts - and Carson’s too. Carson has done so many things during his short life. He has inspired all of us to be better. He learned to walk with God and have Jesus live in his heart as his savior. And even after he went to be with God, he was not finished here. Carson has donated his tumors to Johns Hopkins in hopes of finding a cure for this horrific disease. We continue to pray that no child ever suffers again from osteosarcoma. Above all the things mentioned, the absolute most important thing to Carson was his sisters. He protected them always and loved them above all else. Carson, Taylor, and Emma are a team and they will forever be connected through love, blood and God. Anyone who wishes to honor Carson is requested to contribute to the startup of “Carson’s Corner” - a foundation his father has created to honor Carson and his love for the game of chess. Donations can be made payable to Michael Lewis. All proceeds will go to research toward a cure for rare pediatric cancers. It was extremely important to Carson that money go to research for a cure from these rare forms of cancer, as they are underfunded and under researched. Please feel free to email Michael for more information at Visitation will be held at the locally-owned Loudon Park Funeral Home, Inc. 3620 Wilkens Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland (21229) on Saturday, February 6, 2021 from 3 to 5 PM and 7 to 8 PM. All are welcome to rotate in and pay your respects during these viewing times. Due to attendance limitations, the celebration (starting at 8pm) of Carson's life will be private. However, the family would like to invite you to watch via the Loudon Park Funeral Home FACEBOOK page, where the services will be live-streamed. The services will also be posted onto the FACEBOOK page afterward. Because no more than 55 people are allowed in the funeral home chapel at one time, we ask that all visitors limit their time at the viewing as to allow as many people to share their love and support with the family as possible. In accordance with local health department guidelines, all those in attendance must wear a mask that covers both their nose and mouth at all times and safely remain 6 feet apart. To send flowers to the family or plant a tree in memory of Carson Michael Lewis, please visit our floral store.
To send flowers to the family or plant a tree in memory of Carson Lewis, please visit Tribute Store


Saturday February 6, 2021 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM Loudon Park Funeral Home, Inc. 3620 Wilkens Avenue Baltimore, MD 21229
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