Choosing Burial Solutions for Funeral Home and Cremations in Halethorpe, MD

As you consider where you would like the final disposition of your loved one to be, it can help you determine which types of services you will want to retain. Planning services like a funeral home and cremations in Halethorpe, MD, can be a daunting task. However, the experts at Loudon Park Funeral Home and Cemetery have a clear understanding of the options. They have the compassionate knowledge and skills to help you sort out what will be best for you and your family.

Many find it helpful to learn more about the styles of burial places as well as the cremation process itself. Burial is a traditional solution for laying someone to rest. Specific regulations for their establishment govern almost all cemeteries. Knowing this, it can be important to determine the sites you are considering allowing or require. A vertical monument-style headstone is often only allowed in certain areas or cemeteries like monument cemeteries. Lawn cemeteries offer crisp, clean lines with low-profile plaques to mark each final resting place.

Burial is also not limited to the ground as some memorial parks and cemeteries offer above-ground burials. This is often accomplished through a mausoleum structure. These can be an individual crypt or a structure that will hold many sets of remains in separate burial compartments. This entombment style leaves an impressive legacy for sure. Cremated remains also can be placed above the ground within a columbarium space.

Conservation style burial is often called “natural burial” or even “green burial.” For those who are seeking environmentally friendly death care solutions, natural burial cemeteries are a fantastic option if there is one that fits your needs. Natural burial can certainly be supported in most mainstream cemeteries too. Ask questions early about this when selecting a cemetery. This will ensure you are not surprised if you are required to purchase a burial vault or grave liner in a less biodegradable material choice.

How Cremation Works

There are a lot of things that make cremation an attractive choice for preparing the remains for their final disposition. The process is considered by many to be more environmentally sound than embalming with toxic chemicals and synthetic casket styles. Plus, the remains take up far less land space. Cost is another reason that cremation is chosen. Because cremation services require less handling and materials than casketed burial, it often costs a lot less.

With many laws that regulate the process, cremation is a dignified and secure option. Cremation is not a funeral or memorial service. Instead, it is a way to handle the remains which quickly deteriorate after death. It can be good to know that a funeral home and cremations in Halethorpe, MD, can be arranged for the same person. If no service is to be held, ask the funeral experts at Loudon Park if a brief goodbye with close family members could be arranged before the procedure takes place.

Cremation typically follows these steps, with some differences between providers, of course:

  • Applicable permits are obtained
  • The body is positively identified
  • The remains are placed in a secure cremation chamber
  • High heat is ignited in the fireproof chamber
  • The remains are incinerated and cooled
  • All elements that are left are collected and processed for consistency
  • The “ashes” are returned to the closest relative

The cremated remains could be buried in the ground in an urn plot. As mentioned above, they could also be placed in a columbarium. Often the ashes are scattered in a cremation garden at a designated burial ground. This scattering may also happen at a place with a special connection to the deceased. Many families opt to keep the cremated remains in decorative urns to display at home.

Halethorpe, MD Funeral Home And Cremations

Remembrance Services for Funeral Home and Cremations in Halethorpe, MD

Funerals and memorial services offer a gathering space for grieving individuals to come together in remembrance of the departed individual. Holding an honoring ceremony can be a massive support to those who are grieving this loss. Grief counselors consistently agree that maintaining a service helps to bring about closure and acceptance of this unthinkable reality.

Funerals are distinct from memorials by having the body of the deceased present for the service. This usually means the service is held within a short time after the death occurs. Memorials are held without the remains present. An exception to this rule is that cremated ashes could be present at a memorial service. Because the remains don’t need to be present, memorials could be held after more time has passed.

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